Moving People Forward

If you have solid technical and interpersonal skills and interest in working for the best organization overseas, InterManagement want to hear from you. We can help you to find the best positions that match your experience and interest.

Our policy is to first study and analyze the recruitment assignments, the location, the job prospects growth potentials, the working atmosphere and not just the financial rewards. The motto "Right Person for the Right job" carries the promise "Right employment for the Right Man".

InterManagement solicits detailed information about your professional carrier, i.e., education, experience, specialization, preferences, hobbies, etc. In order to find the possible options available to you, we aim to integrate and match your job aspirations to the employer’s requirement, to the advantage of both..

Our broad client base include top 100 Middle East Companies, Fortune 500 Corporation, Law firms, not-for-profit organization, universities and start up entrepreneurial enterprise. We serve different segments, Automobile, Bank, Consumer Durable, Engineering, Manufacturing, FMCG, Hotel / Restaurant, Information Technology, Insurance, NGO, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Steel, Telecom, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Market Research, HVAC, Elevators, Aviation, Offshore, Shipping / Cruise line / Marine, Advertising, Agricultural / Dairy, Chemical, Educational Training / Teaching, Entertainment / Media / Publication, Fertilizer / Pesticides, Printing / Packaging, etc.

Our orientation session is designed to provide a selected candidate with the correct picture about the country where he is selected, the people, the work culture and the atmosphere along with the organization.