The National Agricultural Development Company (Nadec) was established according to a royal decree issued in 1401-H (1981 A.D.). Since then, it has been striving to present the finest and healthiest nutritional products. Nadec is a share- stock public company with an equity capital of SR 600 million (160 million USD) promoted by the Saudi Government, which holds 20% equity while the Saudi public holds the balance equity. This makes Nadec one of the very few widely held Saudi companies and we are proud to serve the public both as owners and customers. Nadec is managed by a Board of directors, who have delegated authority to a team of professionals to manage the day-to-day affairs. The aim of the founders is to exploit their resources and turn their golden sand to green pastures that supply nutrition and health to the Kingdom and its citizens.


After two decades of joint efforts seasoned with weariness, dedication, love of the land and faith in God, Nadec was honored with the King's First Prize for the Ideal Food Processing Plant All over the Kingdom, and the International ISO 9001:2008. Through determination, persistence, awareness, knowledge, and patience, Nadec has managed to extend over expanses of planes and is now considered to be among the pioneering companies in its field. Furthermore, Nadec has played and is still playing an efficient role in supporting agricultural development in the Kingdom. In particular, it contributes an approximate of 5000 tons of dates per year and 30 million liters of milk. It also owns 6 cow farms that contain more than 50,000 cattle heads.

New directions

Nadec is constantly evolving in order to satisfy the growing demands of consumers while maintaining the same high standards of quality. An indication of this change is Nadec’s new image, which is reflected through our new and improved logo, attractive packages and the expansion of our product line.


Through its economic development project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nadec aims to reduce imports, increase dependability on national economy and encourage the contribution of the agricultural sector in the national product. Nadec is also diligent to offer high quality nutrition and services that go hand in hand with the needs of the consumer. To that end, it applies itself to achieve the aspirations of the shareholders via the best investment of the human, financial and natural resources of the company in agreement with the values and traditions of the society.