Pioneer in the World of Foodstuff

Halwani Bros is the pioneer in the world of foodstuff manufacturing and distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has performed a lot of accomplishments during the past nine years.

The most important after affiliation with Dallah company for Industrial investment was the transformation of Halwani Bros from mere selling policy to marketing and circulation policy, raising the net and gross sales, the net and gross profits on equal footing while improving the products in terms of packaging and quality.

Also, one of the most important accomplishments is obtaining the certificate of high quality (ISO 9001) in addition to the certificate of the managing system of food safety (HACCP). Both certificates crown our efforts and commitments to ensure the superior quality of our products.

Halwani Cakes

Favorite Food Brands

Halwani Bros is the leading producer and distributor of middle-eastern foodstuffs such as halawa, tahina, mamoul, dairy, processed meat, jam, juices, and other provisions, manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facilities located in two countries – Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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